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Sexual Identity: A Guide to Parents

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Stephanie K. Nowacki-Butzen, Trista L. Carr, & Christine H. Hull
DescriptionThis pamphlet was created as a resource for parents of individuals who experience same-sex attractions. We recognize that this may be a difficult time for parents and families alike. We want you to have some understanding and practical tools that might help during this time. It can be overwhelming sorting through the massive amount of information available via technology and other sources. This pamphlet was designed to provide you with a direct and concise summary of information pertaining to sexual identity among youth.

Sexual Identity: A Guide for Youth Pastors

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Christine H. Hull, Trista L. Carr, & Stephanie K. Nowacki-Butzen
DescriptionMany youth pastors have wrestled with how to approach the topic of homosexuality or sexual identity, and many struggle with where to turn for help in approaching it. This pamphlet was written to be a quick resource for you. Hopefully it will be something that you can pick up, read, and understand easily—especially with a topic that is does not seem at all easy.

Sexual Identity: A Guide for Sexual Minorities

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Trista L. Carr, Heidi J. Erickson, Christine H. Hull, & Stephanie K. Nowacki-Butzen
DescriptionThis pamphlet was designed to be an introductory resource for you—someone who experiences same-sex attraction and who may be struggling with questions about your sexual identity or with how to navigate difficult life circumstances that are borne out of your unique struggle.