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Finding Your Path

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Erica S.N. Tan

DescriptionThis is a journal/workbook for older adolescents/young adults who are looking for resources for navigating sexual identity concerns. It provides information on key concepts discussed at ISSI, such as the three-tier distinction (between attractions, orientation, and identity), weighted aspects of identity, making meaning out of experiences of attraction, and personal congruence. Additional points for reflection center on healthy coping, making decisions about how to talk to others about their experience, and questions regarding faith and their relationship with God.Please contact for purchasing information.

Storying Your Identity

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Charity R Lane, Holly N. Doolin

DescriptionStories are being written constantly. Each person’s life, including yours, is uniquely shaped – a narrative in formation. It can be largely beneficial to reflect on our own story – What is being written? Who plays a part in the writing and editing of your story? Is there anyone or anything that prevents you from sharing the most authentic version of your story? Storying Your Identity takes a person through an engaging and interactive process of exploring these questions in the arena of sexual identity. This workbook is intended specifically for emerging adults and adults who experience a conflict between their religious and sexual identities, providing a space for reflection and navigation. As individuals walk through various exercises, from identifying their dominant narrative to interviewing and outlining the main “character” of concern to them, they are encouraged to consider the meaning of each chapter of their life and how they envision their future chapters being written. Through this workbook the power of story meets the often-uncharted territory of sexual identity to empower the individual to understand their identity and make decisions that can instill greater meaning in life.Please contact for purchasing information.

Marital Crossroads

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Emma K. Bucher

Description“Marital Crossroads: Navigating Disclosure of Same-Sex Attraction” is a workbook for the heterosexual spouse whose husband or wife has disclosed an experience of same-sex attraction. It journeys through coming to terms with the reality of this experience. It also supports the spouse with identifying adaptive coping strategies to effectively manage the emotions that arise. Further, this resource is an aid in considering pathways moving forward, and making decisions over time about how to navigate this new reality.Please contact for purchasing information.

Gender Identity Journeys

by Mark A. Yarhouse, Trista L. Carr, Emma K. Bucher

DescriptionThis is our first workbook on gender identity conflicts or what is commonly referred to as gender dysphoria. It is appropriate for older adolescents and adults who experience gender dysphoria. Many other resources that are currently available might not resonate with a Christian who is trying to sort through a range of complex considerations. The workbook defines terms relevant to gender identity and provides background information on gender dysphoria. It also covers issues that may come up with identity and labels for the client navigating gender identity concerns. Other topics include considering the steps in disclosing to others, identifying and expressing feelings, finding healthy ways to cope with distress, identifying possible pathways moving forward, and exploring matters of faith and religion. Gender Identity Journeys captures several of the topics and concerns that would be covered in the course of meeting with someone who is navigating this terrain.Please contact for purchasing information.